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Car Vs Bicycle Accident Attorney

Need a Car Vs Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Stockton?

Many cities have provided bike lanes to help reduce the number of car versus bicycle accidents per year. When a car hits a bicycle the result is often devastating injuries. The bicyclist has nothing but his helmet between himself and the car or pavement posing an extreme hazard if they are hit. The victim is left vulnerable to the impact of the car when it makes contact followed by the impact of hitting the pavement. It is not uncommon for a cyclist to get hit and not realize that there have been injuries due to the adrenaline rush, sometimes the victim "feels fine" and later ends up in the emergency room. You will need the help of a Stockton car accident lawyer to help you handle your insurance claim and any other legal matters that may be necessary to resolve in the case.

No one intends to get into a bicycle accident or get hurt but when it does happen you must be prepared. Realize that the insurance company is trying to survive by paying out the least possible amount for any injuries, lost wages or any other compensation you are entitled to such as physical therapy, etc. For this reason you need to protect your own rights by contacting an experienced car vs bicycle attorney to attend to the necessary legal matters while you are trying to recover from the accident. Pacific Attorney Group has 35 years of combined experience dealing with and getting the best results possible for their clients. Our car vs bicycle lawyer can meet with you during a free consultation and go over your rights and how the case is expected to resolve, whether in a settlement or in a more serious case, it may go to court. It is important that you seek an attorney as soon as possible.

It may be crucial in determining liability in the case to identify if there was negligence involved. Depending on the circumstances of the case you could be entitled to compensation for injuries as well as other damages, such as lost wages, future wage loss, rehabilitation and others. Your car vs bicycle attorney from Pacific Attorney Group has the familiarity to fight for financial damages by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court on your behalf. The claim will reflect the true damages suffered by the victim in a bicycle accident.

Stockton Car Accident Attorney

Contact a Stockton Car Accident Attorney from Pacific Attorney Group if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in the Stockton area.

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