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Car vs Bus Accidents in Stockton

Stockton Bus Accident Attorney

There are a large number of buses throughout the Stockton streets, roads and highways, including city buses, transport buses, prison buses, private buses and others. These large vehicles can pose a serious hazard to those who share the streets. When a bus driver fails to follow the law and drives negligently, by speeding, driving aggressively or driving faster than road conditions require, innocent car drivers can lose their lives or be seriously injured. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus vs. car accident, it is crucial that you immediately contact a Stockton car accident lawyer to assist you with all legal matters related to your claim for compensation.

Bus Accident Lawyer in Stockton

When recovering from a serious car vs bus accident, it can be frightening and painful, as well as emotional for the injured and their families. Many such accidents result in terrible damage to the victim, and it may take many months of medical intervention to keep the injured alive and move them towards a resolution for their injuries. The costs for such care are astoundingly expensive, and can run up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even higher in some cases. This is not to mention the loss of income you may have experienced through an inability to earn a living due to the injuries sustained. In any claim or lawsuit filed related to the damages, it is vital that every possible type of claim is made that you may be due by law. This can include such damages as loss of wages, future wage loss, emotional damages, pain and suffering or loss of quality of life. Each case must be reviewed to determine what claims should be made in your case.

The legal team at Pacific Attorney Group is prepared to interview you to determine how to move forward legally. A free initial interview can help you in understanding how the legal matters will be addressed by the attorney and what to expect in compensation, no matter how mild or serious your injury. It is vital that you act quickly, as through time certain evidence that may require documentation in your case could become more difficult to find. Civil claims such as personal injury claims in bus accident cases have a narrow window of time in which you legally have the right to file a claim or suit. Act quickly and contact the firm, as soon after the accident as possible.

Stockton Car Accident Attorney

Contact a Stockton Car Accident Attorney from Pacific Attorney Group if you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in the Stockton area.

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